Ethiopian Adventure- Part 2- Gondar

And the adventure begins!  We woke up early to catch a 7:40 flight to Gondar.  We took a taxi with some of the best fuzzy seat covers you have ever seen to the airport.  Once we got there we noticed a tour bus so we high tailed to to the entrance of the terminal.  After a bit of elbowing our way in front of the Germans from the tour bus, we made it into the terminal.  As we were checking in the gate attendant said “Do you need your bags in Gondar?”  We said yes, of course.  Then he said, “Well they were scheduled to go from Addis to Lalibela.”  I said, well we would like to go from Addis to Gondar and have our bags come with us.  So he suggested we carry them with us, since it seemed that our bags had a different itinerary to use!

We managed to get checked in and on our plane. The flight to Gondar was only an hour long.  We arranged for the hotel to pick us up at the airport which was nice because he met us at the airport, loaded our bags and took us straight to the hotel.  The Gondar airport is about 20km outside of Gondar so we had a bit of a drive through the countryside on the way in.  The whole time Sue just kept saying, “This is what I think of when I think of Africa.” We were in a what would probably be described as grassland, thought it wasn’t flat.  We got to the hotel and checked in then we headed over to the Palace compound, Fasil Ghebbi.  

There were Palaces dating from 17th and 18th century.  I got a chance to play around with my panoramic shot on my camera!


After walking around the palace we went back to our hotel for some lunch before we headed out in an Ethiopian tuk tuk.  We went to Fasilides’ Bath which is locally known as the swimming pool.  It was amazing and very deep!  The use it once a year as a pool of water that is blessed then people jump in. This is where I tried my first 360 degree picture on my phone!  Love them.  I am not sure how to share them so that people can view them but when I figure it out I will share it. 

Next we went up to Qusquam Palace and Church.  This is a round church with ruins from Princess Mentewab’s Palace. 

Lastly we headed up to Debreberham Sellasie, which is another church on top of a hill but what an amazing one!



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