Ethiopian Adventure – Part 4

On Wednesday we flew back to Addis.  We decided on the flight back that we didn’t want to do too much when we got back because we knew that we were traveling again on Thursday.  So when we got back we went out to a nice hamburger at Sishu.  This is a restaurant that has been built inside a warehouse.  It is very open which is nice.  The owner is in some way connected to the school.  There is an area with magazines and books that you can sit and read in.  Many of the tables and chairs have actually been made from recycled paper.  

We then went to Sabahar, which is a wonderful textile shop. It has some absolutely beautiful fabrics.  I bought a scarf, bedspread and something that I haven’t quite figured how I would use but I liked so I bought it!  I now wish I had purchased some more of the scarfs!

We had dinner that night at Dimma Cultural Restaurant to try some Ethiopia Food.  The presentation of the food was very interested.  The food itself was an experience.  The meat was good but I wouldn’t order the other two dishes again. 

Our Bathtub!

We woke up Thursday morning and planned how we were going to make our way to Weliso for the night.  We used the school’s driver again to take us there.  It is about an hour and 45 minutes or so out of Addis.  The drive was through beautiful grasslands that are mainly planted in small fields.  There were many traditional styled houses out along this stretch as well.  

Colobus Monkey

We stayed at Negash Lodge which is a lovely lodge with some local Colobus and Grivet monkeys.  After we got to the lodge we had lunch and then just had a relaxed afternoon hanging around the lodge.  


Colobus Monkey
Grivet Monkey

The next morning we got up for a great breakfast at the lodge.  We had decided to use the lodge’s van and driver to go up to Mt. Wenchi to see the crater.  The road up was pretty rough, not horrible but dirt and because it was very dry it was pretty dusty! We stopped at the lodge to pay our entrance fee then headed up to the viewpoint. 

The picture at the top of the blog was from the crater as well.  If we had more time in Ethiopia I think that it would have been a great place to go for a few days and then go down into the crater.  

After we went to the creator we drove back to the hotel to have a bit of lunch before heading back to Addis Ababa.  We made it back in the afternoon to discover that the power was out at Sarah’s.  We quickly packed up our things for our flight while there was still light then hung out of a few hours before having another pizza at Efoy.  We caught our flight back to the UK with little issue!

Overall it was a great trip and seeing the churches of Lalibela was one of the items on my things to do list! So I was very happy to have that done! It was also good to see Sarah again.


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