Tanzania – part 1 – April 2014

Saturday, April 14, 2014
So it started early at 3:15 am! Tabitha sent me a message last night that she is on a drip because they think that she has Denge fever! She has booked for me to go to Mikumi, and we are going to Zanzibar on Friday for the Easter Holidays. I managed to get to the airport almost before it opened. Course so did a lot of other people. I was checked in by a very nice guy who kept me talking because he said it was nice to talk to a nice person. I got a crappy bread loaf and tea for breakfast. On the flight to Dar which I found out stops in Kilimanjaro on the way I ended up sitting next to a young boy and his mom. They had evidently got up early as well, because mom fell asleep. So I showed him the drawing app with the light saber. He liked that!

Sunday, April 13
Spent the day with Tabitha and the family. She is still struggling with Dengi and will be for a while. We went to the grocery which was nice and very much like the one in Livingston.

Monday, April 14

I got myself ready to go to Mikumi in the morning but then we got a call at around 7am that the river is flooded and you can’t get across. So I went down to the Slipway to check with a travel agent down there. They didn’t open until 9:30 so I wondered around watched the fisherman a bit. Checked out a couple of the shops. The travel agent didn’t have anything except for Ngorongoro crater which is over near the Serengeti, which I am ignoring on this trip since I don’t have time to see it.



I then came back and booked my ferry to Zanzibar. While I was a booking it I noticed a card Tabitha had for pedicure. I asked if they did massages too and they did so I had one! Massage and pedicure! Half way through the massage the power went out. So the paint on my toes is a bit all over, but not too bad and everything else was great. I got Tabitha a pedicure as a gift especially since she gave me one of her pre-paid massages!

Tuesday, April 15  
I started the day by heading downtown to pay for the Ferry tickets. I took a bus down which was basically the type of van we had from Alice springs down in Oz. I managed to get the tickets after a bit of a issue as one lady wouldn’t do it because I didn’t have the boys paper work. Then I went to pay for mine and then I was going to go back to get the boys papers, but the lady helping me told me to go back and tell the first lady that they were small boys. Then the first lady let me do the tickets, but I still had to go back to get mine. s She said that their weren’t any more business or VIP tickets. I said I really didn’t care where I was sitting as long as I was on the boat, she could tie me to the roof or put me in a dingy! She thought that was funny.

Then I walked around downtown a bit along the water front. I then went into the Hilton and thought about lunch but then just asked for them to get me a taxi. On the ride back I spotted a Nomad truck! Then I can back and had some lunch with Tabitha, Adam and the kids. Then I walked down to the end of the peninsula.There is a hotel and casino down there but they have a great beachfront cafe restaurant. I had some breaded shrimp and a Pepsi. Then I walked down to the best western I asked the about how much a room is, $135! I was thinking I could stay there Wednesday night before I fly out since I didn’t want to wake up Tabitha’s whole family at 3am. Oh well.
On the way back to Tabitha’s I saw a sign on a gate with a fierce dog saying beware of dog, then they opened the gate and there was a puppy the size of a chihuahua in the entrance. I busted laughing! I saw a strange tree along my walk which I am going to ask Tabitha’s nanny about tomorrow it had huge fruit on it.


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