Tanzania – Part 2

Wednesday, April 16

I got up early and when to my bike ride it was cooler this morning and threatening to rain. I meet Meck at the millennium tower. The ride went through four neighborhoods in Dar from a low income to a middle class. It very much reminded me of Thailand. We stopped at several places along the way one to have chibati which is like thick Roti. From the lady who is famous for it. She has a container that has been converted into a cafe kind of thing, and she had spiced tea which has all of the spices of mulled wine. While we were stopped here there was a Danish couple who came on a tuk tuk tour that we ended up sort of following each other. So we chatted over breakfast. 

Before that we had stopped at a used clothing market and a place

where they were making coffee by roasting the beans over a fire and making a sort of soft peanut brittle. You eat the peanut brittle to make the coffee sweet.

We wondered through the neighborhood and were shown to a house that was built in 1961.The woman was born in the house. It was a traditional 6 bedroom house. There were 8 people living in the front room alone. The grandmother was still there with another older lady out in the back yard shooting the bull. The other lady made henna to sell. 

Then we went to the lowest area of Dar where it floods a lot. We crossed a bridge that the bike company had paid to install but some “good Samaritan” who was going to clean up the river brought in heavy equipment, knocked down some houses to widen the river broke the bridge and them buggered off without compensating anyone or fixing it. Then the resent rain (they had huge rains the 72 hours before I came) had washed out some of the foundations more. The bridge is not probably going to last much longer frankly. Then we started towards a middle class village, but it started to pour rain.

It was coming down buckets but what can you do, so we kept riding. Then we got to the last stop for a soft drink and it stopped. This was the last time I saw the Danish couple.Then just as we were going to start again. It started raining again, hard! We kept going, I think that there may have been another stop or two but we were too wet, we ended up biking through some pretty big streams and low spots! Wet shoes and wet everything really. Thankfully it looks like I was able to keep my camera dry. It had a rain cover but I also kept it close to my stomach so that I could block some of the rain.

When we got back to the tower and I had to wait for the cab so my guide and the one with the Dutch couple went across the “suicide crossing” again and I bought them a drink and we chatted about loads of things! Then my taxi came. The traffic back was a bit ridiculous because of the rain and flooding. He finally ended up taking back roads instead of staying on the main one. I found out later that it took some of the maids from Tabitha’s building 5 hours to get home that night.

Thursday, April 17

I went down to the ferry port again to buy tickets for the singer in the band. Before that we went to pick up Leon at day care. It was a nice centre. I just popped downtown and back. Then we went grocery shopping again. We went down to the Slipway to have dinner and watched the sun set. There is a tower across the bay that Rhal Dahl used as inspiration for Charlie and the chocolate factory, when he was stationed in Tanzania. I zoomed into it with my camera and man do I love my camera! It has an amazing zoom! Mr. Overcash did a great job suggesting it!

Unzoomed picture of the tower.  Look in the center for the sailboat then past it.


Zoomed in picture of the tower!  Love my camera.



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