Tanzania – Part 3

Friday, April 18
We go up early for the Ferry. We got there and I thought I didn’t have my passport. Tabitha and Adam weren’t worried even though I volunteered to go back and get it and catch a later ferry. They said you can always bribe your way out of it on the Zanzibar side. The ferry was packed but uneventful. When we got over we were

one of the first off of it and we were able to walk though with Me holding Leon’s hand and Tabitha going we’re residents. We almost got stopped by one guy but he sort of gave up and let us pass. Then we had to wait for the others to get our taxi. When we arrived at our hotel the Mtoni Marine, I unpacked and guess what was in my carry on bag! So we are good to get out! 

I changed into my suit went and had lunch then went to sit by the pool. This place has a beautiful pool and a nice beach. Not the best but nice. Then I went down with Adam to the restaurant that they are playing at called 6degrees South. It is good but sort of fancy. I walked down to the park in Stone Town with the night fish market. I can understand what Matt liked about it. Fresh seafood grilled on the spot.

Saturday, April 19
I went into stone town today with Tabitha as she was meeting a friend. It is like wandering around the back streets of Venice or any tight town in Italy all kinds of shops along the way. You get use to ignoring the vendors wanting you to come inside and just smile and say thank you.

The doors are amazing and I can see why they are talked about! I found two pieces of art which I will add pics of! I came back just before lunch. Then went and laid by the pool again but this time under the shade the whole time. I wasn’t out for long yesterday but obviously long enough! I got just a bit too much on my chest, not painful but red.

We went back down to watch the band and have dinner. The sunset was wonderful again and I got some great pics of a couple of dowh boats on the water.


Sunday, April 20
So I was going to do a spice tour but I tweaked my back so I cancelled that and booked a massage instead! I also booked some Henna so after having breakfast I went to lay by the pool. I got in and swam for a bit as well which helped with my back as well a bit.The massage was alright but I did think it helped. I basically then spent the rest of the day by the pool! We had lunch and dinner at the hotel.

Monday, April 21

I remembered to keep my passport ready when we left this morning, so I was actually able to go through immigration this time! And I did get a stamp! The ferry was nice in the VIP section! The ride was only about 2 hours long. I sat next to the lower school PE teacher.

Tuesday, April 22
I went with Tabitha to see here school today. While I was there I helped Tabitha teach her kids about timelines using Timetoast.  She got an email while we were at school saying that there was a Turtle hatching tomorrow, so guess what I am doing.

Wednesday, April 23
I went down to the corner but only one basket shop was open, probably good for me! I got three but am going to ask Tabitha to go back and get me one from another shop as they had them with the traditional wraps wound into them. Then I headed over to Slipway for lunch and to meet up with the guy for the turtle experience. I tell you one thing, food might not be cheap but the portions are huge.

So after lunch I went up to the bank and met Sevin! A German Tanzania! He was perfect for the job! Then up walks the Danish couple from the bike tour! Then we get into his 4 x 4 and head out to the ferry to go across the bay to south beach. While we are driving he tells us that the next is 55 km from the ferry! We stopped at a beach resort along the way to have a drink and a break because we got on the ferry so quickly. The guy there was telling Sevin bag out the roads and things. He said to look out for the 7 tower cranes because a Turkish company was building housing father down the road. 7000 houses in what is the equivalent Hudsonville! There is no village, no shops, no nothing and it is just before the pavement ends. We drive down a decent gravel road for the amount if rain that they had had. Sevin said that amount of rain is normal that the last 8 years have been what has been unusual.

We finally made it down to the beach after off roading through some Tanzania bush! Then we walked down the beach to the nest. They had been watching it, the turtles stay underground for about 4 days after they actually hatch. So they started digging them out and then sprinkling dry sand on top of them to get them moving. There can be up to a 100+ in a nest this seemed like a pretty big one. Once they start going they move pretty darn fast! At one point I turned around and they were just all bubbling along the beach. The guides stomped all the crab holes shut so that the crabs would have to redig themselves out. It was really cool to watch them head to the beach!





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