Oman February 2014 – Part 1

So I booked tickets to visit Abi in Oman, but had no real idea what to expect when I got there. My only reason for going was to visit her and have a good holiday.  I have been pleasantly surprised!


It started on February 14th with a night flight, which I just loooooove.  We landed at around 8:00 Sunday morning. Which would usually be a school day for Abi but was an inservice so she was able to come and pick me up at the airport which was a bonus!  I went back to her apartment to sleep and she went on to school.  Later she came by and picked me up and took me to the beach near an after school BBQ. It was nice to meet some of the teachers and hang out.  Best part of the day was when we were about the leave and a mounted police patrol walked by!  They were riding grey Arabians which was a bit different!  

So day to started with a late morning!  I then decided to walk over the to small shopping area near Abi’s house known as MK. I had lunch at Subway and walked around a bit.  While I was there I looked around the parking lot and with the types of cars you could have been in the SW of the US.  There are loads of pick up trucks, Suburbans, Jeeps, and other American muscle.  It was good to hear! 
When Abi came home we drove out to the Muttrah Souk.  It was very interesting especially if you like the whole digging for treasures idea! One of the shops had a container of old money, I could have spent hours looking at it!

The walk up to the Souk along the waterfront was very nice as the area has all be developed since the 70s.  Before then it was basically nothing! My favorite part were the giant jack looking concrete thingys that they were using to protect the road base.  They looked like something out of Gulliver’s Travels.  The footpath and the statues were also amazing!


The day ended with a trip to Abi’s favorite Sushi restaurant, Wasabi Sushi

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