Oman – Part 3

Thursday was just a lazy day.  

Friday is the first day of the weekend so we went on a bit of a road trip!  Our first stop was the Bemmah Sinkhole.  This is a 30m deep sinkhole in the area between the foothills and the beach.  The area is very flat around the sinkhole.  It is an amazing spot.  The water is a beautiful blue green and at 11:00 is still a bit cold!  We swam for about 30 minutes while the little fish gave us pedicures!



After swimming we sat and ate roasted chicken, hummus and pita in one of the gazebos around the park.  Funny think about the park instead of birds or dogs hanging around to beg food they have goats!

Our next stop was Wadi Ash Shab or Wadi Shab. This is a watershed, stream and canyon that you walk up about three quarters of then swim/walk up to the cave at the top.  The walk up isn’t hard but it was about 98F/37C and there was little shade in the first part.  There is a part about a third of the way up where people cliff jump but we kept on walking!  You can see in the first picture how tall it is and the second picture what the water looks like just after the cliff jumping section. 

Along the way there is a pipe where they are getting water from the stream.  Farther up though there is a purpose built concrete channel to send the water down the stream.  For this section you can actually walk along the sides of this channel.  We even found frogs at one point.  

The last section is a mix of walking through shallow water and swimming through deeper sections.  It was very nice and you could take your time going through this section if you wanted.  Unfortunatly because of the water I couldn’t take my phone so I didn’t get pictures of this part. At the farthest end is a cave that you can swim into.  The entrance is a bit tight and you only have a few inches of clearance on each side of your head and you have to dog paddle in because you hit the walls if you use your hands, but you are rewarded with an amazing waterfall and cave.  

It is definately worth the trip to this site!



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