Amsterdam – Day 1

We arrived last night after an easy flight from London.  Our hotel is right across from the Centraal station so it is very convenient!  We had a very yummy meal at the hotel then hit the sack for an early start tomorrow.
We got up early and headed back to the airport to catch the bus to Keukenhof Gardens.  It was already crowded by 10:30 when we got there but Sue and I were able to get lots of pictures! It was set up more like a botanic garden while I wasn’t expecting. It was very nice but I think that I was expecting fields with rows. They had some amazing displays of tulips, daffodils, and other bulbs.  Then they also, had beds of all of the same type, and in one colour then the next bed would be another colour. 







We then came back and had a bit of a break before we headed to catch one of the hop on hop off boats. It was a great way to see around the city without walking!  The buildings along the river are all very similar. Very interesting with cool steep roofs. 

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