From Russia with Love

So as of August I will be living in a new place! I was very lucky to have been offered a role at the Anglo Amercian School of Moscow for the 2016-2018 school years. The role will be nearly the same as what I have had at ACS Egham for the last 3 1/2 years. 

I will be the Elementary IT Integrationist. Which is a fancy way of saying I teach teachers and students how to use IT as a tool in their classrooms.

I went to the job fair in London last weekend with the hopes of acquiring a new job for next year, but also with the understanding that if the right job didn’t find me, I might be staying on at ACS for another year. I was very luck that the right job has found me!

AAS is a great school with a great reputation. While it is the same role it will come with a new set of challenges, teachers, students and admin. I am excited to know that the school already uses the Google Apps for Education, which I helped to bring into ACS. They are also trialing Chromebooks which I haven’t used so that will be something new for me to learn. 

I look forward to meeting a new group of teachers and seeing how I can help them develop their IT use personally, professionally and with their students. 

I am also looking forward to exploring a new city and country. That is something that I haven’t done since I left Thailand.  I am also looking forward to experiencing a serious winter. I am sure the excitement of heavy snow will get old and tiring at some point, but being a Southern girl, I am excited to experience it first hand. 

Please feel free to follow my blog as I plan on writing more on it once I get to Russia and have new things to explore. I watched a show last night on TV where the presenters went to a Cat Circus. Not sure about that but I am sure that there will be many super cool things to see like the Bolshoi Ballet!!!! 


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