Turkey 2016

For this April break I finally managed to go see my friend Mew in Turkey! I have been trying to get to see her for a while now but it finally happened! She lives in Trabzon, Turkey, which is up on the Black Sea. I was able to met her husband Ahmed and her lovely son Deniz, who has the best smile ever!
I am very lucky that Ahmed is a dentist so I was able to get a a few of my teeth fixed while I was in town. I have three lovely new zirconium crowns! I recommend them they feel great.
Our first outing was to the Sumela Monastery, which is a Greek Orthodox Monastery. Which is an amazing monastery carved into the mountain. Unfortunately, it was closed because they are securing the mountain above it. It was a lovely area and going back to see it open gives me a reason to go back to Trabzon!
Trabzon is a pretty big port city in Turkey. It isn’t very touristy for westerners, though we did see some Iraqi tourists. You can tell that it is a place where the town center is the main shopping area as there were many shops for everyday things. It also has a very large beach front down on the Sea. It was very interesting to be standing on the edge of the Black Sea as it looked just like an ocean beach front.
We also went to visit a natural lake in Uzungöl. This is a natural lake up in the mountains. It is very pretty. They have make all of the buildings out of the local wood. It gave the village a very natural look. In the summer it would be lovely.
Over all I had a great time and was able to relax. I am very thankful to Mew and Ahmed for hosting me and I hope to go back another time so that we can explore more of Turkey!

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