Moscow Day 1

Day 1 began with sleep well not really. After waking up at 5am I washed my other set of clothes since I only have two pairs at the moment! Then I sat around and chilled for the morning.

At around 2pm we met with Adam and Eric, who took us around the neighborhood and showed us where the grocery stores were. They also gave us a tour of a few of the other types of shops that we might need.

We then made our way to the Metro for our first trip to the Red Square. The Metro has very big open stations which is different from the tight spaces in the London Tube. Once we got downtown we talked over to the Red Square. You can see the pictures below. I haven’t got one of the whole square as they are setting up for a military tattoo that is coming soon.

St. Basel’s is fantastic to look at so I will definately be heading back down there to stare at it some more! The whole places is huge and very interesting.

We met up with all of the new teachers who are here and went to Gum which is a hugh department store to have dinner at a “traditional Russia cafeteria” on the third floor.

Good news, My luggage has been delivered to the school so I will have my stuff at some point tomorrow!!!!


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