Izmailovsky Market

Today we had another of our new hire staff day trips. This time to the Izmailova Market. This is the go to place for souvenir market. You can find tons of beautiful things here and also loads of unusual things. It is sort of a flea market meets antique show meets art gallery meets souvenir shop.

I was able to find some Christmas presents and get ideas for more. I found an awesome table set for myself from this lovely lady. She makes them all herself from the carving to the painting. I purchased one of the St. Basil’s sets in the middle section.

IMG_20160828_122433 - Copy

This is definitely one of those places that you take people when they come to visit. And a place where I will be on the hunt for my next piece of art

Here are a few more shots from the day.


And here are some from the train stations on the way!


So in the shot with the platforms you will notice a train line down the middle. This is apparently a line not claimed by anyone to exist! Seems it might have a purpose similar to the Ponte Vecchio.


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