About two years ago now I was introduced to Helen Carpenter-Waters, by Monica Linford my Pilates teacher. Monica thought it would be a good class from me to get some exercise from an instructor who would help me rehab my back while getting back into dance in a safe way.

Turns out she was super right! I loved my time with Helen and was super thankful to have been able to learn from her. I was also super thankful to have had two wonderful ladies help me rehab what I have only just realized was a pulled quadratus lumborum, I think. What everyone kept thinking was sciatica. I wasn’t convinced but, that was all anyone could figure. After two years with Monica and Helen my back is now stable enough that when I get sore two days after doing something and that muscle hurts I no know that it is muscular and exactly where it is, because it isn’t screaming at me!

Okay so back to my point. I thank Helen and Monica everyday when I take a step on something slippery on the sidewalk or on the road, I thank them because the work we have done to build up my core strength allows me to correct myself without worrying about tweaking my back or causing an injury.

Because of them I have also realized that I want to continue to take dance no matter where I am! So I have found a dance class here. I tried one in October but it was more Hip Hop, which I have realized is not my favorite. So Cheri and I found a place which offers a Jazz/Modern class.

We have only been twice but it is a great class and I am enjoying it. Since Helen asked, last week I asked the instructor to do what we had been taught with me so that I could video it for Helen.

So here it is.


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