Dog Sledding

On January 21st I got to go dog sledding. Wow, just Wow.

This was a fantastic day out. We left home and after about an hour and a half drive north of Moscow to a town called Dmitrov. We drove on for about 20 more minutes into an area with a few Dacha’s. Then we hiked out into the woods get to the location of where the dogs were tethered to some trees.

The owners of the dog sled had a fire all set up along with some tea set up for us to enjoy while we waited for the dogs to be ready.

Once we all got out instructions on how to ride the sled, they began to attach the dogs to the sled. Being husky’s the ones that weren’t being chosen were letting their voices be heard!

I happened to be standing near the owners and he asked me to hold the two lead dogs so that he could help connect the others. Then all of a sudden he was sending me to get onto the snowmobile.

I was going to ride down on the snowmobile and then ride the sled back. What I didn’t expect was the speed that the ride down was going to entail! So we started down the trail in front of the sled just ahead enough to keep an eye on them and make sure everything was okay. At that point we were going about 20-25 Kph. After a bit when he realized everything was going okay, he said down. Something told me to hold on. That was a good thing! I stopped being able to see the speedometer after we got to about 60 kph!

Once we got to the end of the run he pulled the snowmobile over and waited for the dogs to come. Once they came into view, he started talking to them and slowing them down. Once they got to the end he grabbed them and turned them around. Thing it was my turn!

The first jump off is a bit of a jolt but them you are just smoothly cruising along. It was amazing to just be going along. I only wish I had known what to say to them to encourage them on, but I just kept making encouraging sounds and enjoying the ride.

I didn’t even take any pictures of video of the ride because I was enjoying it too much!

We spend the rest of the day hanging out with the dogs while everyone else rode. Then went to lunch in Dmitrov. The town was beautiful but as we arrived, it began to snow, not just a little bit but really, really snow. You can see in my pictures the difference between when we first got there and when I headed off to lunch!

All and all it was a great day!





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