Prague Day 3 – Karlovy Vary 

Well actually not Prague! Karlovy Vary, in English and German known as Carlsbad, is about 2 hours West of Prague. It is a spa town. With a beautiful centre.

The first of the thermal waters. There are 12 different spots where the thermal water comes to the surface. The spots all have pipes and fountain like structures so that you can collect water for drinking from the springs if you want. The first one we tasted was the coldest and was very salty. After that they were like drinking warm slightly salty water.

This fountain looking one is actually not a fountain but the opening of one of the springs. It pumps itself up every couple of seconds and pools in the fountain.

These are the pillars for drinking from on the first colonnade, there are 5 colonnades along the town, each has at least one spring in or near it.

Your supposed to drink the waters slowly from the bottom. So they have special cups for this!

Us with our special cups!

This is an example of the liberty style and it was just beautiful. The owner liked the style and had the building designed for it and named after him.

This is Pasteur’s house. The image is of the Greeks using natural spa water as healing water.

Just a view of the way the buildings look.

This is the Russian Orthodox church, which is stunning. And mother nature decided to give us a show by having the sun shine on it right was we walked up to it.

One of the beautiful buildings which is also the Savoy Hotel!

I think this is the priest’s house at the Russian Orthodox church.

Me taking the waters!

Karlovy Vary from the Diana tower!

It has been a great day and thanks to bus wifi I am posting this on the ride back!


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