Cross Country Skiing

A few weeks ago I tried cross country skiing for the first time. It is offered at school by a fellow teacher. The school also thankfully has skis, boots and poles that we can borrow.

So we all met up in the gym and then headed out into the forest. We hiked up to the top of the hill and put our skis on. What I was not expecting is to be able to basically walk with them on.

Once you start walking you then begin to glide and push with the back toe. It was tough getting my hands and feet working together but one thing I realized is that I needed to not bring my poles so far up. There was too much coordination required for that part!

I did fall twice once when I stepped onto one of the paths that was very icy and once when I crossed my skis!

The biggest issue I had was the whole parts of your body being super hot and sweaty and parts being frozen aspect! Didn’t enjoy that at all!

I am looking forward to giving it another go very soon!


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