Poland – Krakow – Day 1

I’m pretty sure that these are Knabstruppers, the person who breeds for the carriages in Krakow obviously likes them because there were at least 6 or 8 of them!

I caught the train early on a beautiful sunny day. I noticed that until you get very close to Krakow the landscape along the train line is very flat like the middle of Italy and France! My walk from the train station to my hostel was actually quite short so I dropped my bag and when exploring! Krakow’s market square is HUGE! (200m x 200m) And it is apparently 4 meters higher than when it started in the middle ages!

The free walking tour was a great way to get to know the sites and see a good bit while learning some history. It gave me an idea of what I wanted to go back and see and what parts I was okay not going back to.

Krakow’s market square has a similar feel to the main piazzas in Italian cities. Bustling yet cozy and relaxing. A place to hang out, eat and socialize.

360 of the market square: https://goo.gl/photos/Bup4RidZDLFs81Lz5

St. Mary’s Cathedral which has one of the most stunning insides of any church I have ever seen!
Statue around the side of St. Mary’s


More patterns!

Wawel Castle

306s of the Castle



The Juliusz Slowacki Theater
Collegium Maius

Video of how the clock works: https://goo.gl/photos/E2Wp1zMJKiuYuLk3A


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