Poland – Warsaw – 9 April 2017

What can I say but patterns, patterns, patterns. Since Warsaw was basically demolished by the Germans during WWII, it is a relatively new city. You may think that means new buildings like Berlin. But in fact, Warsaw was recreated to match the Warsaw of the past. Much of the reconstruction was based on 26 vedute paintings of Bernardo Bellotto housed in the Royal Castle. He created these between 1770-1780 using camera obscura. Because of his technique, his paintings were almost exclusively used to rebuild Warsaw.

The building’s recreations were chosen to represent a time when Warsaw must have been stunning and colorful. This gets me back to the patterns. There are patterns everywhere you look! I tried to capture as many as possible but I am sure that I missed some! I knew that I liked patterns when I visited Rouen, France a few years back but I didn’t realize how much! No I know, this may become my new city quest… Find more patterns!

Old town Warsaw is lovely and it is worth doing one of the free walking tours. I felt that even though I only had one day to explore it. I was able to see and learn a lot about the old town. I am curious if it is like many old Italian tourist cities where all of the living spaces in the town have become more hotels and rental apartments instead of actual Warsaw residents.


Copernicus’s Monument:  https://goo.gl/photos/PLHh4ip6KpBo2euQ6

Warsaw Market Square: https://goo.gl/photos/DJ7cAyQY93twX8Hg7

Royal Castle Square: https://goo.gl/photos/4tMCuzRG2qBNMLYCA


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