Krakow and Food!

So unintentionally my trip to Krakow became a bit of a food fest! It started out with a wonderful Italian at La Campana. I had Carbonara because I was craving some good pasta! I found this online but I wasn’t sure about the review so I went to the front desk and asked about a good Italian place nearby. The receptionist said nearby, hmmm. I said what about this one, she responded with well I have heard that it is the best. I have to agree!


Then on for some fantastic gelato at the Wierzynek. Seriously this is some of the best gelato that I have ever had ever!


Then some awesome hot chocolate which was basically liquid chocolate with a bit of milk at Krokowska Manufaktura Czekolady.


Then a steak at Moo Moo Steak & Burger which was just the next block from my hostel. Seriously good steak! The only issue I had is that they put herbed butter on the baked sweet potato. I mean if you aren’t going to do cinnamon and sugar then just butter, plane old butter!


Oh and I had to go back to get more gelato! Three scoops this time. Seriously people this stuff is the real deal and sooooooo good!



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