Poland – Krakow Day 2 – 11 April 2017

Day two in Krakow had me doing the Krakow Food Tour. This was once again with the https://freewalkingtour.com/krakow/ group, though it was 50 Zloty. I met Nika, two Brits, and three Mexicans at the Old Synagogue. Nika was born in the area so I knew that we would be in good hands!

Stop 1: Soup

The soups were very good. The Zurek or sour soup which is a traditional soup made of fermented rye as a base. It is very similar to a potato soup or chowder in consistency. Ours had a bit of sausage in it. When they say sour they don’t mean like lemon sour. It just has a bit of a bite to it.

The second soup was Barszcz czerwony which is a beet soup. Since I love beets there really isn’t anything that you can do to them that I won’t like!

Stop 2: Meat!

This was the meat stop at one side of the farmers market. We had three different types of sausages. One with chicken and the other two with pork. This stop pretty much confirmed that I am not a sausage person!

Stop 3: Sauerkraut and Pickles!

We then went across the street to the local veg and fruit part of the market. THis iw where we tried pickled cabbage and a dill pickle. The pickled cabbage was very nice but the dill pickle was too strong for my liking. While we were here Nika showed us the bases of the the soups that we had tried were sold. Where we got our pickles was selling the correctly packages kind, but other vendors were selling the packages in a used Vodka bottle variety which apparently explodes if it gets hot!

IMG_20170411_142011.jpg   IMG_20170411_142210.jpg

Stop 4: Bread and Cheese

A little farther into the market we had a slice of some rye bread and some stringy cheese made from goat and cow milk. I was surprised to find out that the bread was rye because it wasn’t as strong as I expected and I liked it.

IMG_20170411_142957.jpg IMG_20170411_143020.jpg

Stop 5: Perogies

IMG_20170411_144054.jpgThis stop had us at a literal hole in the wall pierogi shop. We tasted three types meat, cheese and potato and cherry. All three were yummy but I would liked to have tried a fried pierogi as well. Dumpling like things are usually something that I only like if the dough isn’t too gooey. We also tried a dessert that was a type of apple cake. This is definitely a shop to visit on any return trips to Krakow!



Stop 6: Dessert

This stop had us at a lovely bakery to try “pope cake”. It got this nickname because Pope John Paul told the crowd outside his window that the cooks at the Vatican just couldn’t make it as well as the cooks in Krakow. We also had a Panettone like Easter cake.

IMG_20170411_151327.jpg IMG_20170411_151347.jpg

Stop 7: Vodka and Fish

This stop had us trying pickled herring (I passed), a slice of dill pickle, a slice of bread and a scoop of lard with some pork in it. The lard spread on the bread wasn’t too bad. Since I’m not a fish person I passed on the herring and the vodka!

Stop 8: Flavored Vodka

The last stop was a flavored vodka tasting which I passed on. I did smell each one and they all smelled like they would have tasted nice. The flavors were Elderflower, Quince, Caramel and Raspberry.

All and all it was a lovely tour learning bits of Polish tradition as well as meeting new people.


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