Enjoying the Sun in Moscow

Saturday, May 6th was a great day to head out and enjoy the sun. I got a message from Josie that she was going out for a walk but didn’t see it until she and Geoff had already gotten to the gate. So I rushed out of the house to meet them for a walk.

Josie lead the way which can turn into interesting walks! She said that she had a place for us to go and when we got there we would have to tell her what the theme was. So we headed towards red square. We end up walking past the Kremlin from a corner that I had not walked past before.


So we crossed the bridge over the Moscow River and kept heading down the road towards Josie’s destination.











The park that we were headed to was just a bit farther down the road. So as we walked in Josie informed us that our mission was to figure out the theme of the 13 statues in the park.


This is the 360 that I took at the statues.


So after the park we went on a hunt for lunch. We crossed over the bridge and headed onto what is commonly called “the island”. I didn’t realize at the time but we were very close to the State Tretyakov Gallery. When I realized that we were there I said hey I know a Gelato place here. We were about to go get gelato when we noticed a brass band starting up. So we hung around for a bit to see their first song, boy were we glad that we did! They were called Go Brass and they were super good.

So Josie and I went to get Gelato and then came back to watch them do their thing. Here are some video links to see what they were like.







Notice the girl doing a bit of tango with them!







After we headed further down the road to find food and stumbled on this!




All in all it was a great day to be out and enjoying the sun. We finished the evening off by going to see Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2.

I mean what a great way to wrap up such an awesome day out!





One thought on “Enjoying the Sun in Moscow

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