Giselle at the Bolshoi

My first experience at the Bolshoi happened on February 18th, right before our February break. Josie and I went to see Giselle. First let me tell you that the Bolshoi did not disappoint. It is an unbelievably stunning theater on the inside.

Secondly the dancers did not disappoint. They were fantastic and I am glad I got to see such a classic ballet in such an historic theater. From my tour of the Bolshoi in October (which I forgot to blog about!), we found out that the state is on a 4º slope from the front to the back going up. But knowing that they are on a 4º slopped stage and seeing them dance on one is just like, WOW and DANG.

We also found out that the theater has 300 dancers in their company and 300 members of their orchestra. When you take a peek at their schedule you soon realize why.  They do a show nearly every night. Actually they do two one on the new stage and one on the historic. The historic stage is what I saw. The “new stage” was built for when the main theater was refurbished in the early 2000s.

Another thing that we learned is that on the 9th floor above the theater is a full sized practice stage for the dancers. Because during soviet times there was something on the stage every night there was no way for dancers to do dress rehearsals on the stage because the stage was always being reset during the day. During our tour we were allowed to go see the practice stage but not take pictures. I could have stood there for hours watching the dancers!




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