Being Home

Sometimes coming home comes with unexpected adventures all of their own!

My coming home adventure began with an uneventful flight home, an eye doctors appointment and a hair cut. And of course my first Mexican food meal of the day! IMG_20170627_131934

And a Pineapple Milkshare from Mensis!


I swear the effort to suck pineapple chunks up through the straw cancels half of the calories!


The real adventure followed soon after when I went to visit the amazing Dr. Leigh Keegan and found out that I need surgery to remove what we thought was a clogged up tube. I leave her office knowing that they are going to try to get me into surgery as soon as they can since I wasn’t planning on being home that long.

So off I go to the Apple store to get a friend’s phone fixed. While I was waiting the nurse called and said: “So, can you do 2 o’clock tomorrow”. I said, “for surgery?”. She said “Yes”. So the excitement began. I called Mom to let her know and got busy texting people who I had made plans with and canceling other appointments!

Good News! Surgery went great, though the doctor said that I was the toughest Laparoscopic surgery he had ever done and that it looked like someone had cemented my entire left abdomen together!

So I check out of the hospital about the time I send my Dad off to the airport to pick up my friend who was flying in from London via Chicago! Sue arrived in good time and I was resting at home when she got here. Thankfully we had another friend in town who took her out on Saturday so that I could do nothing all day!

The rest of Sue’s visit was slow and hot! We managed to get out and do all of the great Memphis things, even if I did almost forget the Ducks! She even got a Fourth of July experience!


By brother blowing S@&% up!



Brian on his new custom built guitar.
Enjoying a little Beale Street at the Rum Boogie Cafe!
Yep, back in the South!



Storm Rollin in on the River


10 days later we get up early and put Sue on the Amtrak to New Orleans where I am sure she practice saying it right all the way down!

IMG_20170710_083842I in the mean time continued to take it easy and on Thursday was given the all clear by my doctor. After changing a flight so that I could do more resting in Italy then my longer stop in the UK. I began making plans to get the rest of what I needed to be done. And spent the day on the chair with AJ the cat! (Who supervised the writing of this post!)

And watching mom feed his brother hummus!






I got to catch up with old an old friend and travel buddy!


Go fabric shopping with an old boss. Or really the only person who has ever held that word since my bosses after that were all Principals! So now I have a few cold winter night projects that I can work on!


Wolf River Blackberry Cobbler is the Best!




Lunch at the most awesome Wolf River Cafe!






*** Warning Snake Picture ahead!****


Then on the way home, we passed this little copperhead snake trying to cross the road. I turned around to see if we can get it off the road and when we pulled up beside it Mom said just get out and get it to move. I being in flip flops, said NO get me something to throw near it. She grabbed some privet from the neighbors and walked over and whacked at it a bit, which it didn’t like but that bothered it enough that it moved off the road! Beautiful but not something I wanted to deal with in flip flops!


Then today this happened! I am finally well enough to start doing some pose pictures. So I did this one …


and then this happened …



and then this…



And then today ended like this!



2 thoughts on “Being Home

  1. Sounds like you haven’t done sh.t since you’ve been home, now that you have recovered from your surgery let’s do something exciting and fun!


  2. I’m glad my cousin is getting well and having fun at the same time. I’m constantly in awe of your new dancing skills. You are really a natural. 🙂 If any of your trips ever come too Florida, we must spend some time.

    PS I’m glad you stayed clear of the danger noodle while in flip flops. 🙂


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