South Korea – Part 2

Wednesday night Sarah and I went down into the Yeonhui-Dong neighborhood and find a Thai place that teachers had recommended. What she didn’t realize was that there were two and the one that we ended up at was a noodle/soup house. So the only thing I was interested in having was Som Tom, which was a bad idea. I should have just had broth and noodles! So another night with issues but not the wobbly feeling, just no sleep.

Oh, and after dinner, we visited a dog cafe. The dogs were super well cared for except for that a couple of them looked like they were having hip/back issues but I wonder if that is because they live on slick concrete floors.


So on Thursday, I slept in until 11 and then headed out to find the Bukchon Hanok Village which is an area near the Palace that I had visited that on Wednesday. It isn’t a specific site per se but an area that still maintains traditional houses and neighborhoods. It was very interesting to see, I am curious to see how to relates to Japanese and Chinese traditional neighborhoods as I imagine that it is very close. The area has been sort of turned into an artist in residence galleries. So you wander around and there are little houses with specialty crafts that you can go in and visit, watch them work and purchase if you choose to.


I loved the old versus new contrast of this.


I didn’t get many pictures because I didn’t think I could do it justice.

On Friday, I decided to adventure out and try to find Dongdaemun Fabric Market. Well, that was an experience. It reminded me so much of the Chatuchak Market. Especially the Bead area where unless you knew exactly what you were looking for it would be too much. Well, this whole market was too much I wondered it for about an hour, bought 2 yards of fabric and was just in awe. It was set up mostly though that you don’t go there to buy fabric but to collect samples then order fabric. It was 5 floors of what you see in the picture below! The whole time I kept thinking to myself if this place catches fire, I’m dead cuz there is no way out! It was actually very well organized and other than small isles there were staircases throughout the building.


How do you get your street vendor cart to your spot? She rides her’s!

Friday night Sarah and I decided to go down to a Meerkat Cafe. It was interesting. The animals were well cared for and the place was very clean. As a matter of fact, one of the girls spent the majority of her time cleaning up after the Wallabies! They had two artic foxes (no petting those), Two raccoons, two Wallabies, two Siamese Cats, one Civet Cat and a small mob of Meerkats. The Meerkats were kept in a small class area which you can kind of see behind me in the Wallaby picture. You get a time and go spend 10 minutes in there with them just milling around you. They suggest you take off anything dangly since they will grab it. It was interesting to be in there with them because they are always sqeaking and communicating with each other.


A variety of Civet Cat. I had seen one in Namibia near our camp but it was different and much bigger than this one.


I was the lookout post!
Just plopped himself down in my lap.


Just after Sarah had said I wonder if they are all female, this little guy decide to plop into my lap and have a groom. I was like Well, they definitely aren’t all female!


We finished off the evening with some Korean BBQ and then headed back to Sarahs.

Saturday morning was uneventful as I rolled my suitcase down Seoul Foreign School’s massive hill and caught the airport bus to grab my flight.

A couple of things I realized from my trip.

  1. I think of S Korea as just Korea, I realized this when I kept telling people I was going to Korea and they would respond with, “South Korea”. In my head Korea = South and North Korea = North Korea.
  2. I sort of depend on Google Maps! Which does not work well except for public transport. Something due to Google not agreeing to fuzz out military installations and fears around N. Korea.
  3. I am sad that I didn’t get to try more Korea food. Wasn’t going to risk new flavors and ingredients when my stomach was dodgy. Did lose 3 kg though!
  4. I could totally live there.
  5. Korean is phonetic in writing. Which make the Korean keyboard on a phone very small and it looks more like a number pad.



One thought on “South Korea – Part 2

  1. dear Cary your trip seems great, I was in Taipei with my daughter son in law and the 2 boys it was a great experience I must say that the city is not very nice but the museum of Taipei is fantastic beautiful, The nature is,really wonderful. Hope to see you in Sardegna. Happy New year 2018!!
    love Brigitte


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