The Peruvian Experience – Part 5

Dec 27

We got up and had a great breakfast then headed to get our car. We drove out of Lima which was “interesting”. I hate driving in cities and the Peruvians love to get very close with their cars. With Josie’s encouragement though I persevered!

We decided to stop at an outlet mall a bit outside of Lima where we switched driving. Then we headed down towards Ica. Just outside the city I got on trip advisor and looked at the hotels again. We decided on Balistra. Which turned out to be a great choice! We also managed to get our Nazca Lines tour booked after a bit of translating by Malu and some drawing by Josie!

Dec 28

The Nazca Lines have been on my bucket list ever since the Memphis Wonders “Ancestors of the Incas” exhibit in 2011. So I woke up excited to finally get to see them!

We drove down to Nazca which took us about 2 1/2 hours through some very harsh desert landscape. There are loads of chicken farms out in the middle of the desert, which is weird I think. We managed to find the airport and our airline, but we had to wait for about 90 minutes for our flight.

We were in a 12 person plane with one row of seats on each side and Josie and I had the back seat! The flight over the lines took about 35 to 40 minutes. It was kind of like riding a rollercoaster while trying to focus on something because the wind was quite rough. There were lots of Dirt Devils around causing a lot of turbulence. The lines were amazing! They were all over the plain that we are flying over. Lots of straight lines that went for probably kilometers. Then they would show one of the shapes on one side of the plane and then bank the plane to show the shapes on the other side. So we spent a lot of time tipped sideways!

It was difficult to see the lines except when they pointed them out and then actually they were quite easy to see but they were not as big as I expected them to be. It is also hard to know how far up we really were. From the ground, the planes looked to be high enough that you couldn’t really read any of the logos. But the lines were still probably pretty huge if you are on the ground with them. We got to see all the major ones. & I think my pictures turned out pretty well for what I meant to get. Though I am not sure if they will come out well once you zoom in on the slideshow! Can’t imagine you could have gotten better pictures with as bumpy as it was even with a better camera.

Once we landed we drove back towards Ica. On the way out of the town, we stopped because there was some cotton on the side of the road that Josie wanted to look at. So we switch drivers there and Josie drove back. It was interesting as we went through two or three valleys that were created by streams from the mountains. But these were very dry dusty places generally.

We pulled over at one point to get watermelon. Then in the next little bit, we pulled over to get some mangos. Both were very good. We headed back to the hotel and spent the afternoon by the pool chilling and enjoying the sunshine.

Dec 29

This was a drive back to Lima day which was pretty uneventful but interesting. I ended up driving most of the day.

We manage to jump out and go to the beach on the way in Lima. Up until that point there was never a good place to stop or the beach was too far away. This beach on the west coast of Peru must be very long because most of it did not seem interrupted.


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