The Good Ole BKK

It was only about two weeks ago that I finally decided what to do during my April/Spring Break. My decision was, come to BKK! I was going to head to Singapore but the friends that I was going to visit there were planning on heading to BKK so since it was a direct flight that is where I decided to go!

Everybody kept asking me what I planned to do before I left. I said eat, massages, pedicure, facial, go to a movie and sit in the sun. Well, it is Thursday and I have managed nearly all of those things!

One of the best things about coming back to a city that you used to live in is that you don’t feel pressured to go anywhere and do anything!

I managed to meet up with my friends for the three days that we were all hear and we enjoyed two different night markets. It was a great way to spend the evening. We even spend the last evening on Thong Lor my old street!

I have been very lucky that a colleague that I worked with in the UK, now lives here and offered me her apartment since she would be traveling this week for her Songkran break. Her apartment came with two lovely cats, so it has been great! It is also perfectly located in all of the areas that I would want to be in.


Meet up with Pia and got another amazing cheesecake!
Mangos ready for making Mangos and Sticky rice at the famous shop on Thong Lor!
Klong ferry I tried to ride but it was going the wrong way so I ended up having a nice 30 min walk down the Klong back home.
One of my regular meals when I lived here! Roast Beef bagel with mustard, from Au bon pain!
Sunset on the River. This may be the last shot like this I take since I found out I actually do have a bulging disk in my lower back!
Sunrise Tacos, hmmmmmm Mexican food!
You can seriously not eat enough pineapple while in Thailand, especially the small sweet ones!
Fuji for lunch! This was one of my regulars! The watermelon shake was amazing too!
More Sunrise Tacos, cuz I didn’t have to cook them so they are even better!
Dali one of my two housemates for the week!
Pretty much dead center of this picture was my old apartment, which is now a hotel!
Cuz you can’t come to Thailand and not get a massage!


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