We booked a tour of Pamukkale through our hotel in Kusadasi, the Hilton DoubleTree. The area around Pamukkale, or the Hierapolis, is a site that has been rebuilt multiple times due to earthquakes. The reasons that it kept being rebuilt is because of the natural warm spring. The water at Pamukkale is full of calcium which makes the mineral deposits it leaves turn the hillside white. This is how Pamukkale got its name as it translates to “cotton castle”. The area has a near original amphitheater which allows you to see what one would have looked like.

The whole site is surrounded by a stone wall that has pieces of the original Roman temples mixed in it as the Christian Romans tore them down to use the stones in other buildings. There is also an original or mostly original Roman bath house and a pool that is called Cleopatra’s Pool because it is said to have been one of her favorites.

After walking around a bit we put on our swimsuits and walked along the traverines. The water in the first pool was warm enough to have sat in, but the others were not! Regardless we walked along and took some pictures then we headed back to Cleopatra’s pool for a swim. The pool is the temperature of warm bath water and what was cool is that you are swimming around with fallen Greek/Roman columns that would have lined the sides!

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