Winter Break 2018

I very much enjoyed the slow pace of this year’s winter break. This is the first time that I have been home for Christmas for a while, where we have not had guests or loads of appointments to squeeze in. So I ended up with days that I could fill however I wanted.

I did make an appointment with my mom’s physio because one of the frustrations I have with living overseas is the lack of relationships with medical staff. It took me nearly five years in the UK to develop some. The thing about these relationships is the more you have with medical professionals the more likely they are to not have to keep explaining injuries that are years old like they are new. Then listen to them tell you to take two weeks of anti-inflammatories and come back. This is what it is like every new doctor in every new city. The great thing about seeing the physios at Pittman’s and Collierville is that I didn’t have to spend three weeks doing nothing physical! Well at least my glutes didn’t! I had nine great sessions with the physios to work on figuring out what is wrong with my back. Turns out that back spasm I had back in 2012, was a bit more than a spasm! Now at least I am pretty sure I know what the problem is.

During my relaxed break I was only able to squeeze in my mandatory McGhee family sleepover! I try to spend time with Amanda and family each time I’m home and this trip was no different! It was great to catch up with friends when I can. I also manage lunch with my “boss” Courtenay who for some reason will always be “my boss” in my mind it seems! I was even able to squeeze in dinner with my old travel buddy Ashley. On my last lunch outing at my favorite restaurant, Wolf River Cafe, I ran into one of the guys I graduated with and several old family friend! All of these led to many southern-style goodbyes.

I also managed to attend three hunts including one in a new territory. That was awesome to see a new place. The Holly Springs National Forest is a well maintained gem in North Mississippi. I would love to do some more exploring either on horseback or on foot. It was great to watch the hounds work the new land and still come home though a couple later than they should have! We even managed black eyed peas on New Years day!

All in all it was another great trip home cementing more relationships and catching up with loved ones and friends I’m glad that it was slow and easy this year as well.

One thought on “Winter Break 2018

  1. Hi Cary,

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your News Letters….you write such interesting reports on your travels Cary… certainly get around! I don’t blame you for taking every opportunity presented to see as much of the World as you can, while you can!

    Your dear Mum wrote (she was so pleased to have you home for Christmas) and she sent a whole load of your exploits…in colour too! So I got to sit one evening and get carried away to far distant territories and peoples. Yes, I guess som e of the people you meet are real characters and leave lasting impressions…..I have enjoyed meeting them with you!

    Christmas at home with your folks was clearly very special both for you, your family and many friends you managed to catch up with. Good to hear you got to ride and follow hounds into the bargain. What is so special about those black eyed beans I wonder?

    Life goes on here much the same. I’m presently embroiled in a battle with the Local Planners as I want to replace my timber conservatory with a UPVC one to match my newly installed UPVC windows. The neighbours couldn’t tell the difference the standard is so high these days. Well, we shall see! Candy is still confined to her shavings bed stable at Corrina’s…..but is now sound and hopefully will foal safely at the end of April. I’m afraid her Laminitis was caused by my letting her get too fat in the Autumn. Sadly, She has also been diagnosed with Cushing like her brother so the long term outlook is not good.

    One very pleasant thing at the moment, is that we are enjoying Spring like weather with temperatures unbelievably high for February! Excellent news for half term as Lynden and Iain are currently away on holiday in the Lake District. No doubt I shall hear all about their long walks on her return.

    Well Cary, thanks for sending me your fascinating emails….I look forward to the next instalment of travels abroad.

    Meantime, Lots of good wishes and love from Jenny

    Sent from my iPad



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