Lithuania Day 1

Our day started with a beautiful sunny morning. We walked towards the Neris River to find a place for breakfast. What we stumbled on was the Fairytale Coffee cafe. This cafe is run by two Iranian sisters. The sister we met explained that she has given me Iranian Black Tea because it was organic and did not have the additives that the local tea had. Then she told us how Iran is a tea drinking country and that she learned the ins and outs of making good tea at home from her mom.

After breakfast we began to head down Pilies Street. We were stopped when Beth spotted 3 sheep in a window! We went in to discover a shop with local jewelry and ceramics. This is one thing that I have not managed to find in Moscow yet, nice local artisan made handcrafts. After a few purchases we headed down towards the river.

My new friend

After walking around a bit we headed up to the castle hill. The view from the top of the city was fabulous. We climbed to the top of the rebuilt Castle Tower and along the way up there was a small exhibit of The Baltic Way or the Baltic Chain. It was interesting to learn a bit about the history since I had no background knowledge. After we came down, we headed to a local restaurant for lunch.

Castle Hill

The Mermaid of Užupis

After lunch we headed to Užupis, which is an area that has its own unique charm to it. Very artsy with a large residential presence as well. It would be an interesting neighborhood to live in. We even found a great bakery with an amazing selection of cookies for a snack.

Frank Zappa’s Memorial

As we came out after our snack to a bit of rain, but we decided to go on a hunt for Frank Zappa’s memorial. Then we headed back to our hotel, which was good because almost as soon as we got up to our room the wind picked up and with our room in the attic it sounded like the roof was about to lift off! Since the weather was crap, we decide to order from a gyoza restaurant we had seen from our walk. Just in time because the wind and ran picked back up again!

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