Lithuania Day 2, 2.5 and 3ish

We got up and headed towards the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights grabbing breakfast at a place called Holy Donut! OMG it was good! We had amazingly good bagels and I grabbed a donut to go, really I should have grabbed more because when I ate it later it was SOOOOOO good! We then walked down to the museum and visited the exhibit. It was a good museum which gave a lots of history around the Lithuanian resistance to the Soviets before, during, and after WWII.

We then walked down the main road back to the cathedral which gives a lovely view as you walk up to it. We then went to a local restaurant for lunch at Etno Dvaras before heading back for our 2.5 hour spa package!

At lunch Beth had received a message from Aeroflot about our flight saying that it had been cancelled, but nothing was coming to my email or app. We decided to go do the spa and deal with it after. Well my email arrived 3 hours after Beth’s message. So we got back to our room and called Aeroflot, they tried to get us to accept a flight on Monday. Then they said that the had a flight Saturday night at 11:30, because they couldn’t put us on the other flights on Sunday because they would have to give us business class tickets which they couldn’t do. So, we got booked on that and packed up to rush to the airport.

Turns out that there was no flight, the plane was going back to Moscow but with no passengers. Which we managed to find out after talking to Sky Alliance employees who called Aeroflot’s check in contractor and she told us what was happening. The whole time I am on the phone with a rep who is telling me that the flight is leaving at 11:30 and we should proceed to check in because it is open. So we asked the rep if she would talk to them and she did, he tried telling her there same thing!

So she suggested that we try to get onto the 4:50am flight by getting to the airport at 3am and having the Aeroflot agent re-book us. So we headed back to our hotel who thankfully still had our room ready for us. We managed to catch 4 hours ish of sleep before getting up and heading back to the airport.

The agent was able to get us on the 4:50 am flight because he put us into business class which wasn’t even full or close to full!

Sunrise somewhere over Eastern Europe

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