Cross Country Skiing

A few weeks ago I tried cross country skiing for the first time. It is offered at school by a fellow teacher. The school also thankfully has skis, boots and poles that we can borrow. So we all met up in the gym and then headed out into the forest. We hiked up to the […]

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Prague – Wrap Up

Well this is definitely a city and country I will be back to visit! I have had a great time enjoying summer sunshine, beautiful buildings and a new culture. Beautiful door handles inside the church which is my favorite Prague building! These benches were all over the place and the stands on them were so […]

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Prague Day 3 – Karlovy Vary 

Well actually not Prague! Karlovy Vary, in English and German known as Carlsbad, is about 2 hours West of Prague. It is a spa town. With a beautiful centre. The first of the thermal waters. There are 12 different spots where the thermal water comes to the surface. The spots all have pipes and fountain […]

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Prague Day 2 – 24,580 steps!

Big walking day today but most of our checklist is done! Me mainlining tea from tiny cups for breakfast! Cool building with chariots on top. The St Vitus’s Cathedral in the Prazsky Hrad. This was our first close up view of the Prague Castle. We had gone up the hill that the castle is on, […]

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Prague Day 1

The astronomical clock in the old town square. This jug was super heavy, I think my right arm gained some muscles lifting that! We flew into Prague today and wow it is gorgeous.  Checked into our hotel, went out to find lunch then a quick visit to the town square! The main part of Prague’s […]

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Dog Sledding

On January 21st I got to go dog sledding. Wow, just Wow. This was a fantastic day out. We left home and after about an hour and a half drive north of Moscow to a town called Dmitrov. We drove on for about 20 more minutes into an area with a few Dacha’s. Then we […]

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February 11th I got the opportunity to go on a Troika ride. We arrived at the Yard to be greeted with a bit of a show. A guy on a colored stallion did some jumping through a ring of fire, a young girl rode her horse around showing her control skills and then another guy […]

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