Oman – Part 4

We woke up a bit early so that we could make it to the Grand Mosque.  This was built by the Sultan using the best of everything.  It has one of the biggest hand woven carpets in the world.  It is just a beautiful place to be and stunning to look at.       Iman’s Corner […]

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Oman – Part 3

Thursday was just a lazy day.   Friday is the first day of the weekend so we went on a bit of a road trip!  Our first stop was the Bemmah Sinkhole.  This is a 30m deep sinkhole in the area between the foothills and the beach.  The area is very flat around the sinkhole.  It […]

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Oman – Part 2

Had another lazy morning, until Abi came by to pick me up and take me to school with her for the last class.  She works at Al Sahwa School. Her school has two sides, a boys and a girls.  Everything except a few science classes, the library and the IT suites are separated.  Even in […]

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Oman February 2014 – Part 1

So I booked tickets to visit Abi in Oman, but had no real idea what to expect when I got there. My only reason for going was to visit her and have a good holiday.  I have been pleasantly surprised!   It started on February 14th with a night flight, which I just loooooove.  We […]

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