Saint Petersburg

May 2019 For the Victory Day weekend the school arranged a staff trip to Saint Petersburg. The idea with this trip was to do the off the beaten track sorts of sites. We left after school on Friday catching the Sapson or fast train. We arrived into Saint Petersburg around 9:30 in the evening and […]

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Enjoying the Sun in Moscow

Saturday, May 6th was a great day to head out and enjoy the sun. I got a message from Josie that she was going out for a walk but didn’t see it until she and Geoff had already gotten to the gate. So I rushed out of the house to meet them for a walk. […]

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Giselle at the Bolshoi

My first experience at the Bolshoi happened on February 18th, right before our February break. Josie and I went to see Giselle. First let me tell you that the Bolshoi did not disappoint. It is an unbelievably stunning theater on the inside. Secondly the dancers did not disappoint. They were fantastic and I am glad […]

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Cross Country Skiing

A few weeks ago I tried cross country skiing for the first time. It is offered at school by a fellow teacher. The school also thankfully has skis, boots and poles that we can borrow. So we all met up in the gym and then headed out into the forest. We hiked up to the […]

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Dog Sledding

On January 21st I got to go dog sledding. Wow, just Wow. This was a fantastic day out. We left home and after about an hour and a half drive north of Moscow to a town called Dmitrov. We drove on for about 20 more minutes into an area with a few Dacha’s. Then we […]

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February 11th I got the opportunity to go on a Troika ride. We arrived at the Yard to be greeted with a bit of a show. A guy on a colored stallion did some jumping through a ring of fire, a young girl rode her horse around showing her control skills and then another guy […]

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Ice Sculptures

                  Today a friend and I went to an amazing Italian restaurant that some of her Italian friends had told her about. It is called Pinzeria! I have to say it will be on my list of regular restaurants! So good After an amazing lunch near the […]

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Christmas Lights in Moscow

Last weekend I was given a wonderful tour of the Moscow Christmas lights by one of my colleagues Cheri who I call my her Italian name Chiara (cuz it’s my favorite!). Cheri has lived in Moscow for a while now and so she asked me if I wanted to do a walking tour of downtown […]

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