We booked another tour through our hotel for the ancient city of Ephesus. We started the day with an early drive to Mary’s House, which is a very small stone house on a hill that reminded me very much of the hills around Tempio in Sardinia. Our next stop was the city of Ephesus. This […]

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We booked a tour of Pamukkale through our hotel in Kusadasi, the Hilton DoubleTree. The area around Pamukkale, or the Hierapolis, is a site that has been rebuilt multiple times due to earthquakes. The reasons that it kept being rebuilt is because of the natural warm spring. The water at Pamukkale is full of calcium […]

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Turkey 2016

For this April break, I finally managed to go see my friend Mew in Turkey! I have been trying to get to see her for a while now but it finally happened! She lives in Trabzon, Turkey, which is up on the Black Sea. I was able to met her husband Ahmed and her lovely […]

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